For me, the start of the second semester was quite demotivating to be honest. This is mainly because of the swap experiment. In my opinion it was too disorganized, there was no structure. We also had the misfortune that our teachers were often absent or sick, because of that we were unable to get classes. But because of this I have discovered in myself that I am independent enough to perform independently without an assignment.

In addition, I think it is a shame that we no longer get certain lessons compared to three years ago, for example photography and model drawing. Due to corona, we also had to miss many other factors such as: excursions, visiting museums and galleries and following an internship. I hope that there is an opportunity offered to make up for all of this next year.

I believe that I have taken many instructive steps this school year that I am very proud of. I also discovered very nice qualities in myself that I was not yet aware of. Despite the negativity and the less fun moments that took place inside/outside the art academy, I was able to convert these into positive energy. A few years ago I would have experienced it as a stumbling block, but now it has had no negative effect on my studies.

It was important for me to quickly discover which direction I wanted to choose next year. In the beginning I was doubting between sculpting and painting. But now I think I'm pretty sure of my choice. I have decided for myself that I want to continue my studies in painting department. I believe this will be the best for my personal growth, as I think I will develop myself a lot more here. I already have a lot of knowledge about sculpting and technique. My previous education and experience that I have gained have contributed to this. I would like to discover more and gain experience in painting. I based my choice largely on this matter. I have chosen to remain openminded about my choice and hope to be able to discuss this with the teachers during the final easements, to see what they think about this and what they advise me.